Momcilo Simic  – Biography and Works

Momcilo Simic

Canadian born 1964

Momcilo Simic was born in Yugoslavia in 1964 and is now living in the Kitchener area of Ontario. Momcilo Simic completed his studies at the University of Belgrade where he earned his degree in psychology. He practiced psychology for seven years. Momcilo started to paint during his studies. The connection between psychology on one side and painting on the other goes back to the past in visual arts and has a role in the understanding of a work of art. In Simic’s paintings each object is purposefully put at the exact place in relation to other objects and therefore has it’s own meaning to the viewer. He is self taught and completely devoted to his paintings. At first painting was a hobby but later, through exploration and determination, it became his profession. His paintings were part of several group exhibitions in Belgrade, Rome and Paris. Simic’s works are filled with vibrant reality and are almost exclusively devoted to capturing the inner beauty of still life and the silent depths of landscapes.  The colors of his works are harmonious and at the same time graceful and luminous. His works are part of numerous collections in Canada. USA and Europe.

— Submitted by Bremner & Bremner – fine art

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