Lee Anne LaForge – Biography and Works

Lee Anne LaForge

Canadian born 1949

“I have enjoyed looking at your website Lee Anne. You have made some powerful work!” David Monkhouse, Curator, The National Gallery of Canada

Ottawa based artist Lee Anne La Forge has been working in acrylic and encaustic media since 2007. After retiring from a thirty-year career in public education, she has turned her attention back to her passion for creating art.

LeeAnne has had the privilege of studying under the legendary New York School of Modern Art painter, Lila Lewis, who was herself a student of the late great Helen Frankenthahler. Influenced by Lila’s nonrepresentational approach, Lee Anne has gone on to develop her own style of abstract art. She works in both acrylics and encaustic beeswax.

Her work in Encaustic Beeswax is an organic process of layering of beeswax mixed with dammar resin and color pigments and the fusing of each layer with heat. Her work of combining photographic images with encaustic paints creates an interesting balance between the two art forms.

From the artist …”My work is an outward expression of my journey of faith. It is the embodiment of life, the visceral, raw and unspoken. I use color, blurred lines and hard edges to speak my truth. The process of constructing and deconstructing, the scaping back of layers exposing traces of what lies beneath gives my work soul. I hope that those who view my paintings will be able to identify with them on an emotional level. That would make me happy.”

— Submitted by Bremner & Bremner – fine art

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