John James Audubon –  Biography and Works

John James Audubon

American 1785 – 1851

Audubon, the son of a french sea captain, loved rambling the countryside, where he collected and studied nature relating to birds. He had no sense of business responsibility, so, at the age of 34, Audubon committed the remainder of his life, to the study of birds, their behaviors and their habitats. His earliest drawings date from 1805. Audubon worked with his sons and other assistants, but needed someone to truly convey his visions. Success was found when he teamed up with master engraver and colorist, Robert Havell Jr., to create 435 plates of his work. The resulting richness of Audubon’s mature compositions convey a vitality of the events and subjects he observed. The degree to which life is captured in such elegance and refinement, is a true measure of the resounding success and a testament to John James Audubon’s, Birds of America.

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