Bobwhite & Red Shouldered Hawk -Publisher’s Proof (Plate 76) Signed, Numbered

Bobwhite and Red Shouldered Hawk

Inventory #: 33

Title: Bobwhite & Red Shouldered Hawk -Publisher’s Proof (Plate 76) Signed, Numbered 

Date Created: 1992

Artist: John James Audubon (1785-1851)

Medium and Image Description: Stallion vellum, Bright White, 100% rag. ph neutral archival stock – Watermarked with three brass dye blind embossed seals Blind sealed and sequentially numbered and signed by the publisher. Regal format, octave size + ample margins

Dimensions: 15 3/4″ × 23 5/8″

Price (U.S.): $85.00
Price (CDN): $110.00

Status: FOR SALE

About the Work: Master lithographer M. Bernard Loates created these very limited edition prints of Audubon images in 1992. The goal was to recreate these pieces as Audubon would have wanted them done – all would be identical with true consistent coloring. Working from original Havell/Audubon engravings, Loates and his crew of printing and colorist master craftsmen began by stripping the images back to the original 1820’s black line engravings. Bird skins were borrowed from museums so that the colorists could accurately match the original bird colors. The colorists hand-mixed German “Light Fast” inks to match the actual live plumage of the birds depicted. Colors were added one at a time, maximum 1 color per working day, using hand-cut overlays. No image had fewer than 32 passes through the single-color press. It took up to 6 months to complete the images and nearly 70% of the stock was wasted in production testing and aligning. The extremely fine 400 line screens produce a photograph-like continuous tone image even under magnification. Also available from Bremner & White fine art – Loates Master Editions folio of ten of the most popular images taken from the collection of 435 images of Birds of America. The 10 Original Graphic prints included in the folio are: Plate #17 “Mourning Dove”, Plate #41 “Ruffed Grouse”, Plate 47 “Ruby Throated Hummingbirds”, Plate #76 “Bobwhite & Red Shouldered Hawk” , Plate #177 “White Crowned Pigeon”, Plate #211 “The Great Blue Heron”, Plate #221 “Mallard Ducks”, Plate #242 “Snowy Egret”, Plate #411 “Whistling Swan”, Plate #431 “American Flamingo”. The prints are presented in an elegant black folder, along with a 1 page biography on Audubon. $700.00 U.S. per set.

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