Bremner & Bremner – representing artists and their works we love and have collected. The collecting and curating of our art is most influenced by the integrity of the work and it’s beauty. The work must be important before it is accepted, collected and represented by Bremner & Bremner. Features of the collection include: Exceptional historical and contemporary Canadian paintings, Indigenous artists with a particular focus on the “Woodland School of Art” and Inuit sculpture. Joining with Artsy has made it possible for Bremner & Bremner to share their collections with the world.

I am so happy Paul. I have wanted a print of this for years now. Can’t wait to get it nicely framed. It looks fabulous – Thank you – I am one extremely happy customer!
Emily Hale, London, England

Thank you so much Paul, I just received the painting in perfect condition and I LOVE the painting.
Mr. and Mrs. Litrop, Leduc, Alberta, Canada